Which Type of Breast Lifts Leaves Less Noticeable Scars?

If you’ve been looking into the type of breast lifts that will leave less noticeable scars, you may feel overwhelmed. Simply searching for “the best plastic surgery near me” isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to want to speak with an expert plastic surgeon about what you want from your procedure. ReinventMe in Orlando has a team of doctors and professionals that can help you understand your treatment options and help you choose the best one for you. For more information on the different types of lifts, keep reading below!


Which Type of Breast Lifts Will Leave Less Noticeable Scars?

A lot goes into deciding which cosmetic procedure is for you; it is not as simple as searching for “top plastic surgery near me” and booking your procedure. You need to make sure that the treatment you pick is aligned with your needs and body goals. Even if you know the procedure, you want to get there may be different types of that one procedure. For instance, if you’ve decided that a breast lift is what you want, it is important to note that there are different types of lifts to consider. In general, having breast lift surgery can help make your breasts more beautiful and youthful by eliminating the sagging that comes along with aging. However, one concern that many patients have is regarding the scarring they will experience after the surgery. When it comes to the different types of lifts, there are some that will result in less noticeable scars than others. One of the leading factors in determining the type of scars that you will have is the type of incision pattern your surgeon uses. 

  • Circumareolar lift: This type of list uses what is known as a “doughnut” excision of the areola skin. This leaves the least noticeable scar because the scarring occurs around the entire edge of the areola, and only a small incision is used to complete the procedure. Although this lift type will leave the smallest scar, that does not mean it will give you the best results. The circumareolar lift provides the least improvement in breast shape because it removes the least amount of tissue and does not allow for internal breast tissue shaping. Also, because the circumareolar scar is irregularly shaped, it can have poor quality over time and become thickly raised. 
  • Vertical lift: This method features a keyhole pattern incision that goes around the areola and then down the middle of your lower breast. This type of lift will leave a lollipop-shaped scar. Although the scar for a vertical lift is a little more apparent than that of the circumareolar lift, this method is usually preferred by surgeons because it allows the doctor to create an attractive breast shape while minimizing the appearance of a scar. Also, because the incision proceeds down the lower part of the breast, the internal breast tissue is able to be sculpted and shaped. If your surgeon determines that you are in need of more of a lift than they may use an incision that is shaped like the letter “L,” “J,” or even a “T.” 
  • Traditional lift: This type of lift utilizes the “anchor” incision or inverted “T.” Your scar will go around your areola, down the middle of your breast, and finally along the base of your breast, where it meets your chest. A traditional lift definitely provides more predictability than a circumareolar lift when it comes to results, but it does require a long incision along the fold of your breast.


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