Revision Rhinoplasty

ReinventMe in Orlando knows that a revision rhinoplasty can be very helpful for many patients who did not see the results they hoped for in their initial rhinoplasty. Thankfully, we offer that very procedure. We are experts in our field and we understand that your results should be as you want them and you should not have to settle. If you are interested in learning more about us and the rhinoplasty Orlando FL trusts, contact us at ReinventMe today to schedule your consultation.



A revision rhinoplasty is also sometimes known as a secondary rhinoplasty. It is a type of surgery that seeks to correct or alter the nose after a previous rhinoplasty. More broadly speaking, a revision rhinoplasty can refer to any rhinoplasty that takes place after the initial surgery. In this surgery, issues that were not addressed in the first one—or issues that were made worse by the first one—can be rectified with the help of a skilled surgeon.

Typically, patients request to have a revision rhinoplasty when they have specific imbalances that are persisting even after the first rhinoplasty, have become an issue since the surgery, or have become more severe since the surgery.

Revision rhinoplasties are generally more complicated than the first rhinoplasty because the first one serves as the ideal time to address all the cosmetic and functional nasal issues. However, secondary procedures can be just as successful with the help of a skilled and experienced surgeon.


With a revision rhinoplasty, changes can be done through a “closed” or “open” approach. Minor corrections can be taken care of with the closed technique, which utilizes only internal incisions for access to the nasal structures. In contrast, open rhinoplasty refers to the addition of an incision in the skin bridge between the two nostrils to lift up the skin for more direct access to the structures.

Because the primary procedure may have depleted a good amount of the nasal cartilage, a cartilage graft could be necessary. This will typically be taken from your ear and it must be done precisely in order not to bring more harm to the nose.


Results will vary depending on which surgeon you select. That is why it is so critical to pick the right surgeon for the job. A surgeon who does not know what they are doing could cause serious damage to your nose. However, an experienced surgeon can ensure that your revision procedure is the last one you need.


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