Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

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It’s not easy to admit or accept the fact that you may need to improve your sex life, but the truth is that most people can use a little help in that department. That is why you should be looking into a p-shot Orlando! This cutting-edge and innovative treatment is created and designed to rejuvenate the penis and promote the growth of new tissue. This process is ideal for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, diabetes, or who have suffered post-surgical effects. Unlike other treatment methods available to men, the p-shot has been proven to aid with erectile dysfunction and help improve sexual function effectively.

The Priapus Shot or p-shot is a rejuvenation procedure that was created to bring not only quick improvements but lasting ones. Your provider will use your own body’s platelet-rich plasma in order to make this approach more natural in treating erectile dysfunction. The results of this procedure far exceed those of any creams or pills that are on the market.

The results of the p-shot can last up to a year, and some of the benefits of the procedure are:
  • Increased penile blood flow
  • Enhanced firmness of erection
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Increased strength and appearance
  • Improved sexual capabilities
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Aid with discomfort from prostate
  • Corrected damage from diabetes
  • Restored self-confidence

The procedure itself is performed by first applying a numbing cream to the genital area and drawing blood from your arm. The reason your blood is drawn is because that is what the doctor will use to create the platelet-rich plasma for the procedure. Once the plasma is created, the shot will be given because a local anesthetic was applied first, this procedure is painless and is completed within thirty minutes. When the platelet-rich plasma is injected, the existing blood vessels stimulate and promote the formation of new blood vessels. The lasting effect of this is that the penile blood flow is significantly increased, which restores and corrects erectile dysfunction. The results of the Priapus Shot in treating erectile function can be almost immediate. There have been men who have received the treatment and noticed results that same night. Noticeable girth gains in size from the shot could take up to a few weeks.


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