Look Younger With More Than Just Plastic Surgery!

When it comes to retaining and regaining your youth, “Prejuvenation” is the way of the future! This is a term we’ve coined to refer to things that we can all do for ourselves when we are still young to maintain our youth and take care of ourselves. Read on to learn more about some practices to maintain the youth of the body, a youthful face, and also contribute to an optimized quality of life. Reinvent Me is a top plastic surgery and aesthetics clinic in Mount Dora. If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Orlando to fit your specific needs, call Reinvent Me today!


Anti-Aging Tips Beyond Plastic Surgery

  • Using sunblock SPF30 or greater every single day- this is an oft-repeated maxim for a reason. Regularly using sunblock lowers the skin’s exposure to damaging UV radiation.  Using a physical (not chemical) sunblock on a consistent basis will offer a wide array of long-term benefits, such as  fewer wrinkles and sun spots to mar the youthful appearance of your skin. Of course, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays also lowers your risk of skin cancer.
  • Daily intake of oral Vitamin C Supplements- Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is essential in forming healthy collagen. Vitamin C can be found in many common foods such as broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, orange juice, papaya, sweet potato, strawberries, tomatoes, and more! If you’re eating a diet rich in these foods, then it’s important to supplement with 100mg of Vitamin C every day. Healthy collagen levels retain the elasticity of your skin. 


Tips From The Best Plastic Surgeon In Orlando

  • A healthy dose of omegas in your diet- While many people eat fish, it’s extremely hard  to eat enough fish on a daily basis in order to get a healthy amount of omega fatty acid. 1000-2000 mg of fish oil every day is a great supplement, and has been found to be extremely essential in terms of psychiatric health, eye  health, brain growth, and early development during pregnancy, along with helping to mitigate cardiac risk factors and other great health benefits. 
  • Stop smoking- Smoking is known for contributing to multiple different disease states. The chemicals in cigarettes can damage the skin topically and increase oxidation. The physical act of smoking itself also causes motion wrinkles around the mouth (“smoker’s lines). Lastly, Vitamin C levels also tend to be around 15% less in smokers versus non-smokers. 
  • Eat less sugar- Consuming a lot of sugar is extremely damaging to the skin. It can cause glycosylation of the cell membrane. Two important proteins that are especially susceptible to glycosylation are collagen and elastin. Damaging these proteins can cause skin to be sallow, less plump, and more wrinkled.


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It’s important to take certain preventative measures in order to take care of your skin in the right way. Your skin is a living, breathing organ that requires the same kind of maintenance that you give your muscles and body. Reinvent Me is a top plastic surgery and aesthetics center in Mount Dora. If you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon in Orlando, call Reinvent Me today!


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