Painful Intercourse Relief

Dealing with painful intercourse is a terrible thing to try to live with, and it leaves many women looking for a dyspareunia treatment that can help relieve their symptoms. However, it’s not an easy thing to admit to having that’s why it’s time to turn to the experts like the team at Reinvent Me Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. They are not only there to help ease any of your embarrassment about dealing with this condition, but they can also help you find a treatment that will work best for you and help you get back to living your best life!



Platelet-rich plasma has been used for years to help combat a number of conditions that cause patients discomfort, so there is no reason painful intercourse can’t be treated with this innovative treatment method. The O-Shot is a procedure that prepares and used platelet-rich plasma injections to treat the causes of dyspareunia. The plasma works to repair the pelvic floor muscles, which have been found to be the cause of dyspareunia. Also, the O-Shot and platelet-rich plasma injections have been shown to reduce inflammation in the vaginal area as well after treatment was administered. Currently, there are over 500 doctors worldwide who are performing this treatment, including urologists and gynecologists.

The O-Shot procedure is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. This treatment is painless and uses your own blood platelets as injections. Your doctor will first numb the area that the procedure where the procedure will be done with a cream. After, they will draw your blood, typically from your arm, and treat it in a centrifuge machine to separate the different layers. Once the platelet-rich plasma is extracted and isolated the injections are put together and are injected into your vaginal tissue. The platelets work to stimulate your stem cells, which help promote healthier tissue in the injection area. The whole procedure from start to finish takes about forty minutes, and most of that time is used for the numbing cream to start working. After you’ve had the procedure, you will notice an increased libido.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this procedure yet, so the cost of this procedure will depend on what your individual doctor decides to charge. Typically this treatment has cost patients around $1,200.

Hormone replacement therapy has been commonly used over the years to help reduce the symptoms of menopause in women, but thanks to advances in research and development it can now be more broadly used to help both men and women. It has been shown that optimized hormones have been able to significantly reduce the risk of serious diseases and health problems, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Some of the other major benefits of hormone replacement therapy are regained energy, decreased fatigue, improved muscle strength, ability to lose more weight, increased mental clarity and memory, reduced hot flashes, improved sex drive, prevention of age-related diseases, improved overall quality of life, better sleeping, reduced joint pain, and improved mood.

There are a number of benefits that come along with having the O-Shot treatment done. Some of the pros of the procedure are more frequent/stronger, and longer orgasms, increased libido, more natural lubrication, greater arousal from stimulation, relief from painful intercourse, and it significantly improves urinary incontinence. If you struggle with any of those problems, it may be time to admit you need a little help, which is nothing to be ashamed of a lot of women do. Talk with your doctor about this treatment to see if it could be right for you!


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