Neck Lift & Liposuction

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A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that allows excess skin to be removed as well as fat that lingers around the jaw line. This is done in the goal of creating a more defined and youthful-looking neck. This procedure is usually done in conjunction with a face lift to provide the best visual results.

People may choose to get a neck lift for the same reasons that they get a face lift. That is, aging is something that happens to everyone and, unfortunately, sagging skin is something that can come with it. For those who are concerned about their sagging skin, a neck lift can tighten the skin and help them gain a straighter, more defined jaw.


The first thing that your doctor will do is evaluate your health and ensure that you are eligible to receive the surgery. The doctor will then decide which surgical method is going to be right for you as well as decide which additional surgeries will get you the results that you desire.

During the procedure, they will administer sedation and local anesthesia or general anesthesia. They will take one of two approaches to your surgery: a cervicoplasty or a submentoplasty. Cervicoplasties are recommended for people who are overweight, and it is done to tighten the neck muscles beneath the chin. Submentoplasties are for those who are already near their ideal body weight and only have a moderate amount of loose skin and fat.

Similar to an eyelid surgery, your surgeon will either select general anesthesia or sedation. After this has been done, the doctor will then make the incision through which they will arrange the tissue and fat as is necessary. Once this is done, they will close the incision with either sutures, skin adhesive, or special clips.


Neck liposuction is done to suction the fat from the jaw line and beneath the chin. It is a procedure that lasts one to two hours and leaves the patient with a more defined neck area. It is similar to the neck lift in that you are still subjected to a surgical procedure. This means that you are still going to be subject to anesthesia—either local or general—and you will still have a recovery period. However, the methodology for achieving your desired look is different. With liposuction, fat is being removed from the subcutaneous tissue in order to sculpt a more contoured neck.


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