Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a type of body sculpting that helps women get their bodies back after childbirth. ReinventMe in Orlando can explain it further. We know that life after bearing children can be hard and your body can look very different than it had before. Thankfully, there is something that you can do about it. If you are looking for the best body sculpting Orlando has to offer, we at ReinventMe can help. Contact us to learn more about our mommy makeover procedures.



Mommy makeovers are tailored to the individual patients who receive them. The first step in any mommy makeover is, of course, to speak to your doctor. With your surgeon’s help, you can then decide what areas you would like to target and what procedures correspond with those issues.

Breast implants are a popular procedure as they can help restore the fullness of the breast and the lost volume. Aside from that, many patients also opt for an abdominoplasty as well as liposuction. This is only a small portion of the procedures that some women may choose to get, however. There are also thigh lifts, arm lifts, and even Brazilian butt lifts. The options are limitless as long as you speak to your surgeon and map out a plan for the procedures.


Mommy makeovers are performed as an outpatient surgery which means that you will do most of your recovery at home. That said, you may be given a recovery suite for the first twenty-four hours. After that period is over, you will be sent home where recovery will last anywhere from one to two weeks. The actual time varies and is dependent upon which procedures you received.

One big thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to participate in normal activities for quite some time. You will require help doing routine chores around the house and you will not be allowed to drive until you have stopped all
your pain medications. You should also be wary about lifting anything—even babies—for at least six weeks after the procedure.

To see the results of the mommy makeover, you will need to be patient. Swelling can last for six months and sometimes longer. This means that you will not be able to assess the results of the makeover until at least six months from your procedure date. You will also require gym time in order to maintain the results of your surgery and it is advised that you adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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