How To Have A Better Orgasm- Benefits Of The O-Shot

The O-Shot is an exciting new blood-derived treatment for women who struggle with urinary incontinence and issues with  sexual function. A lot of factors are able to have an impact on your vaginal health, from pregnancy and childbirth to hormonal changes and the aging process. This is where the O-Shot comes in to give a boost to your sexuality and happiness! ReinventMe is a comprehensive aesthetic & wellness clinic committed to helping our patients look good and feel good. If you’re curious about how to have a better orgasm, our clinic offers dyspareunia treatment to help you feel your best. If you’ve been experiencing pain during sexual activity, or would like to experience a stronger libido, call ReinventMe in Orlando to schedule an appointment today!


How To Have A Better Orgasm With The O-Shot

There are many women who are negatively impacted by sexual problems- maybe as high as 30%-50%, with a higher incidence in younger people (surprisingly). There are many psychological and physiological factors which are able to lower sex drive, sexual pleasure, and ability to climax. The O-Shot can help with many disorders, such as:

  • Female sexual arousal disorder
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or low sexual desire
  • Female orgasmic disorder, a condition that affects about 1 in 20 women in the US
  • Dyspareunia, or pain during sex not related to lack of lubrication
  • Genital mismatch


If you are looking for dyspareunia treatment or are otherwise unhappy with your current sexual experience, then you may want to explore the O-shot as a natural, nonsurgical solution.


What Is The O-Shot And How Does It Work?

The O-Shot is based on innovative PRP treatments which are concentrated from a sample from your own blood. Platelet-rich-plasma, or PRP, is something that has been utilized in sports medicine to speed up healing for many decades. Other regenerative applications in recent times have been identified for PRP, including the O-Shot. Pioneered by Dr. Charles Runels, MD, following his success in using PRP for facial rejuvenation in the “vampire facial,” the O-Shot involves the use of a PRP treatment for rejuvenation. In the case of the O-Shot, PRP is utilized to rejuvenate sensation in the vaginal tissue, clitoris, and overall genital region. When you get the O-Shot, the doctor numbs your genitals with a cream. We also numb a blood draw site, then draw blood just like you would for any standard blood test. We separate your blood into its component parts with a centrifuge, and then isolate the platelet-rich plasma. Calcium chloride is added to the PRP before injecting the solution into your erogenous areas, including the clitoris and upper vagina. A heavy-duty local anesthetic will help keep the pain at bay during the treatment. The entire process, from blood draw to finish, will take around an hour. 


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Many women are negatively impacted by a decrease in their libido and ability to orgasm, and wonder about how to have a better orgasm. The O-Shot is a natural option for dyspareunia treatment and other female sexual disorders. Call ReinventMe in Orlando to schedule a free initial consultation today!


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