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Are you self-conscious about the way you are aging? We can help! Here at ReinventMe, we offer procedures to ensure that you stay looking youthful and confident. We understand that committing to a surgery that alters your appearance can be overwhelming. That is why we offer a facelift without surgery, so you still look natural but see amazing results. Facelifts are a very popular and effective way to reduce aging signs because they diminish collapsed features, and they tighten your face overall. Our vampire facelift allows you to achieve the same results as if you were to get a facelift with surgery. We recommend this type of facelift to anyone because it is much less work than if you were to receive a surgery, and it is also beneficial for your skin in general. It’s much more natural and takes fewer steps and aftercare than if you were to go under the knife. So what are you waiting for? We offer the best facelifts in Lady Lake! 


Steps To Our Facelift Without Surgery

You are probably wondering how a vampire facelift works and what the steps are during the procedure. The first step that our physicians accomplish is forming a new but natural appearance for your face. In other words, they map out what the shape of your face will look like after the procedure. Next, the physician working with you will remove some of your blood. Then, they will use two teaspoons of your blood and isolate the platelets. They can then create eight factors of growth from it and inject them into your face. This type of procedure is much different than if you were to receive regular filler because it comes from your own blood. That is to say, injecting this blood hydrates and repairs your skin, which provides a rejuvenating feeling. Plus, you will see outstanding results. You will still look like yourself, except you will appear much more youthful and natural. Essentially, this is a facelift that does not require surgery, and it’s beneficial for your skin. 


More Details On This Facelift

There are many small details within a vampire facelift that you might still be curious about. We want to make sure that you know the most important ones. Here is more general information about these facelifts you might be curious about: 

  • Youthful appearance from healthier skin instead of from surgery 
  • Develops more collagen in skin 
  • Creates more fat tissue 
  • Skin develops more blood vessels  
  • Continues to improve over three months 
  • Lasts two years 
  • Not invasive 
  • Very little aftercare needed 


Your New Face Is Waiting 

We understand how difficult it is to see constant aging signs. However, we also understand that not everyone wants to commit to surgery. That is why we offer a noninvasive facelift that is both beneficial for your skin and provides the results that you desperately want. Your new face is waiting for you, so don’t wait any longer to see it! 


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ReinventMe are professionals who want you to see the youthful results you want for your face. You cannot go wrong with our facelift without surgery because it provides the results of a facelift without invasive surgery. Plus, it’s great for your skin! Call or visit us today in Lady Lake for more information. 

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