A Cosmetic Doctor Gives You A Guide to Looking Younger!

It is no secret that everyone wants to look younger, which is what causes so many people to find the best cosmetic doctor each year. There are a number of different procedures that you can get in order to achieve this goal. Whether you decide on a vampire facelift, botox, or fillers ReinventMe in Mount Dora has a team that can help you no matter what treatment you choose. Keep reading to find out more about how the experts think you can get a younger look and appearance!


A Guide to Looking Younger From a Top Cosmetic Doctor

People all over the world are researching ways to get younger-looking skin. There are a number of different treatment options, including a vampire facelift, botox, and fillers, but knowing which is the best option for you isn’t always easy. That is why speaking with a team of experts and getting their advice is the best thing to do before making a decision. 


Most people group botox and fillers together because they are administered in the same part of the body, and they result in a similar youthful look. However, there are differences between the way botox and fillers are made and the way they work. In fact, because of this, there are actually more differences between the two than similarities. Although they are very similar, the fact that they are made out of different ingredients is a leading reason to do your homework before booking an appointment. You need to be sure that the procedure you choose is the best option for your body, skin, and that it will help you achieve your ultimate goal of youthful-looking skin!


Botox uses botulinum toxin to freeze certain muscles in your face, which ultimately prevents wrinkles and fine lines from forming, which makes it a popular treatment for anti-aging and preventative measures. This cosmetic treatment is FDA-approved and has been approved for a number of other medical applications as well. 


Fillers use Juvederm as injectables to treat the signs of aging on your face, similarly to Botox. On the other hand, fillers prevent aging in a different way. As you continue to age, the plumping feature in your face starts to fade away, which can cause your skin to look saggy and loose. By injecting Juvederm, that plumping agent is duplicated, and the result is a full and youthful look.


Both of these treatment options are most commonly used on the face and can be injected into practically every region. One thing that most patients don’t understand is how beneficial these procedures can be on their smiles. Things like frown lines, chin dimples, smile lifts, marionette lines, lips, and nasolabial folds can all be treated by using either Botox or Juvederm fillers!


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