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How To Have A Better Orgasm- Benefits Of The O-Shot

The O-Shot is an exciting new blood-derived treatment for women who struggle with urinary incontinence and issues with  sexual function. A lot of factors are able to have an impact on your vaginal health, from pregnancy and childbirth to hormonal changes and the aging process. This is where the O-Shot comes in to give a […]

Tips For Dealing With Painful Intercourse

Sex is the ultimate act of intimacy between two people, and it is a critical component of romantic relationships. It’s something that should be enjoyed and bring you and your partner together. Unfortunately, up to 80% of women suffer from painful sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. This is especially true after the […]

The O Shot Procedure & The Truth Behind Orgasms

Although it is becoming more and more common for women to talk about their sex lives and sexual wellness, it is still difficult for them to admit to themselves and anyone else that they’re having difficulties when it comes to experiencing orgasms. However, the o shot procedure is something that could help correct just that! […]