What To Expect After Breast Implants?

When you decide to increase the size of your breast through breast augmentation, surgery is required. After having breast implants, one will expect to recover from the implantation. Different things can happen after implantation.

ReInventMe is a Lake Lady based plastic breast augmentation Orlando that deals with breast implantation. If you recently had breast implants or you are preparing to have the surgery, here are few things you can expect.

What You Can Expect After Breast Implants

After having breast implants or augmentation, it is best to pay attention to your health. This is the best period to listen to your doctor. If you notice any changes in your breast health or overall health, endeavor to speak with your doctor. With the help of the best breast augmentation Orlando, you can overcome any scare.

How long is the recovery process?

Our body as humans differs. While some will recover quickly, it can take a lot of time for others to recover from the surgery. The size and type of surgery can influence lengthy recovery. The efficiency of the doctor who handles the surgery also plays a huge role. Overall, many have recovered within four to six weeks of having the surgery.

Things to expect after breast implants

Here are some things to expect after the surgery;

24 hours after the surgery

After the surgery, most have experienced fatigue, soreness, nausea, tightness of the chest, over or under sensitivity around the breast. The chances are high that you will experience swelling or bruising. You won’t be allowed to leave the surgery room immediately. 

You will be required to hold on for a few hours until the anesthesia’s effect disappears. Proper care is needed after taking this surgery. This will prevent the surface from getting infected. With proper care after doing the surgery, there will be quick and apparent improvements.

5 to 7 days after the surgery

Pain and discomfort are expected to continue after a few days of having the surgery. While pain is expected, the pain should have significantly reduced at this point. As instructed by your surgeon, you can start engaging in your everyday activities within four to seven days.

Try not to engage in strenuous activities, as this can lead to bleeding and irritation. This is the period where the breast starts to settle, don’t engage in stressful activities. Carefully massaging the breast will work well at this point.

3 to 4 weeks after the operation

The pain experienced should be almost gone at this point. Other effects like swelling and bruising should also have significantly reduced. This is the best time to start engaging in light exercise. Don’t engage in strenuous activities yet, as this can lead to fresh wounds. It is best to keep wearing a post-surgical bra or front closure bras at this point.

4 to 6 weeks after the operation

Most patients who have undergone surgery would have recovered entirely at this point. The breast is expected to feel more natural. Speak with expert breast augmentation Orlando to help you access your breast.

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