Which Body Contouring Procedure IS Best For You?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, body contouring is all the rage. Many of our patients seek to reduce fat they just can’t seem to shed, or are looking for the breast augmentation Orlando women feel most confident in. Whatever you envision for your body, the surgeons at ReinventMe (located in Lady Lake) can make it reality! Keep reading to learn about the most effective contour procedures in our latest blog post.

4 Best Body Contouring Procedures

Every year, body sculpting, fat-reducing procedures become more and more in-demand. Many come into their physician’s office simply asking for the “body contour procedure”. This is where we dig deeper with our clients and figure out exactly what they want their body to look like, as there is no one-size-fits-all body contour method.



Figure out which procedure you’re looking for as we highlight the cosmetic community’s 4 favorite body sculpting methods!

1) Temperature-Based Treatments

One way to reduce fat is to use extreme temperatures to either freeze or “melt” the fat away. The former is done with the CoolSculpting device, and freezes fat cells so that after the body disposes of them on its own, they can’t be replaced. A SculpSure, meanwhile, quickly dissolves fat with laser heat.

2) Skin-Tightening Treatments

As we grow older, many areas of our skin begin to look droopy, losing their laxity. Many patients have regained this laxity with skin-tightening treatments that use radio frequency and ultrasound to build collagen and strengthen your skin.

3) Muscle-Enhancement Treatments

Remove fat and get killer abs with a muscle enhancement treatment! This procedure uses electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles for a 20-minute session, the equivalent of tens of thousands of sit-ups.

4) Liposuction

If all else fails, there’s always liposuction. While many like to try out these non-invasive methods, the most surefire, effective way to eliminate fat is by going in and removing the fat surgically. Modern liposuction techniques have also developed to leave behind less bruising and swelling, reducing the pain after.

Find the Procedure That’s Right For You

Still not sure which treatment will give you the dream body you desire? Come in to ReinventMe for a consultation appointment, and we’ll discuss the image you have in mind, as well as any present or previous health concerns you have so that we can find a procedure that is going to work best for you. We have been a leading plastic surgery and aesthetics lounge in Central Florida for many years and employ the most highly skilled and attentive surgeons out there, leaving you in good hands. Since opening, our comprehensive portfolio of aesthetic treatments has only grown, including anywhere from top notch microneedling to rhinoplasty to breast augmentation Orlando patients across town seek out with the one and only ReinventMe surgeons!

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