Blepharoplasty (Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift)

When there is something about your face that you’re uncomfortable with you can feel self-conscious, which is why you may be looking for the blepharoplasty Orlando locals trust the most. The doctors at ReinventMe in Orlando offer an array of facial procedures including facelift, eyelid and eye lift surgery, rhinoplasty, and more. All of these procedures can rejuvenate your face for a more youthful, toned aesthetic. We provide you with an effective cosmetic enhancement through surgery without anyone being able to tell that you’ve undergone plastic surgery. Another option is, injectable cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and paralytics, this provides you with a more subtle but effective skin rejuvenation and revitalization in a procedure that takes no longer than an average lunch-hour. REINVENTME offers the most popular cosmetic injection treatments, such as RESTYLANE, BOTOX, and JUVEDERM. Find out more information below!



If you’ve been considering an eye lift surgery, you probably have a ton of questions about what to expect before, during, and after as well as what is involved in the actual procedure. ReinventMe has a team of experts that can make you feel comfortable about having the surgery done and will help you through every step of your treatment.

These procedures usually involve three different steps. The first step is the administration of anesthesia. This medication is given to keep you comfortable during the surgery. There are two options that you can choose from. The first is intravenous sedation, which can give different amounts of anesthesia. In some cases, a small dosage will be given to a patient, so they are just drowsy during the procedure, but not completely asleep.

They can also give a large amount through an IV to put the patient completely to sleep to the point that you won’t remember the procedure at all. The other option for anesthesia is general anesthesia. With this type of anesthesia, there is no way to administer different dosages if a patient receives this type, they will lose consciousness. When you meet with your doctor during your consultation, they will recommend which is the best option for you and the procedure you’re having. Once you are given anesthesia, the incision will be made into the eyelid. When the incision is made, they are strategically placed so the scars will be hidden in the natural creases of your eyelids. When dealing with the upper eyelid, the surgeon can remove or reposition fat deposits, tighten the muscles, and remove any extra skin from the area. When it comes to the lower eyelid, the incision will be placed directly below the lash line. When this is done the excess skin from the lower eyelid can be removed, and extra fat can be repositioned or removed. After the doctor has corrected the problems with your upper or lower eyelid, they will close the incisions with either stitches or skin glue. If the surgeon chooses to use stitches, they will be taken out one week after your surgery. In some cases, the doctor may suggest getting a laser or chemical peel to help get rid of any discoloration that may occur, particularly when work is done on the lower eyelid.


Reinvent Me Plastics & Aesthetics in Orlando is a leading plastic surgeon and IV Therapy lounge in the area. We specialize in making our patients feel confident and making sure they are delighted with the results of their eye lift surgery. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you reach your goal!